You Need to Get an eReader….


Don’t get me wrong. I will probably break down eventually to get one.

Just not today.

I love the feeling of a book in my hand…the smell of the pages. There is something about a good book. Hardback or paperback. It doesn’t matter. As long as it is a book.

Over Easter weekend, I stayed in a yurt in Cloudland Canyon State Park with my parents, brother, and niece. It was wonderful. I brought a book despite thinking we would be too busy hiking to read (or my niece would be wanting to play). However, I was able to read for hours Saturday. (After hiking about three miles, of course.) I sat out on the back porch of the yurt in a wooden chair provided, propping my feet up on the little table and read.

Sunglasses lessened the brightness of the sun as I greedily soaked up every word on the page. For years, it seems, my friends have been telling me to read Divergent.

“I don’t know why you haven’t read it yet. It’s a book you would love.”

Done. As I shut the book with sadness in my heart (I don’t have Insurgent), I realize how much I have missed reading a book. Lately, life has been too busy… I have not prioritized reading. Sunday, my fingers itched for another book to read, knowing I did not bring a second book…knowing I wouldn’t be able to read if I did (it was time to pack up and head back home – with a quick stop to See Rock City and The Terminal).

I know what I have to do. Sadly, after bills and a mini-vacation, I do not have a lot of extra cash. I can either get enough groceries and a new book or get less groceries and Insurgent.

Can you guess what I chose?

If you guessed stopped at the store before heading to my apartment to buy a book, you guessed right.

I unpacked Cupcake (my silver Subaru) and gave my jerk cat some much needed attention (he is extremely needy for a cat). I acted like an adult and unpacked my things, putting them in their correct place before I reached for my new book.

I turn to a random page and breath deeply.

New book smell = heaven.

I draw myself a bath (I haven’t showered in days…one of the many reasons I love to camp). I try and shut the door, but my cat has been alone for three days and he is a needy jerk. It is about 6 PM when I start Insurgent. And a little after midnight when I finish it.

This is why I love books. I love to hold books in my hand as I read. I even love the feeling of my hand becoming cramped as I cling to the book that brings me into a different reality. I have only read one book on an eReader. It wasn’t bad….but it wasn’t the same. Each page I turned Sunday night was a blessing. Each word I read on the page made my heart a little lighter. And when my tired eyes read the last line…I yearned for the next book.


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