Adventure Time: Havasu Falls

I don’t have a bucket list…I am thinking about making one of those sometime in the future. But, if I did have a bucket list, visiting the Grand Canyon would be on it.

Havasu Falls


I can cross one thing off my non-existent bucket list!

Now when I make my bucket list I will add re-visiting the Grand Canyon! There is so much to see and do and spending a little over a week there wasn’t enough.

We were lucky enough to get reservations at the Havasupai Lodge for two nights. It took a few hours to hike the eight miles down into the reservation to the Lodge.

It was worth it.

Hiking to the falls is one of my favorite life experiences. (Photo above is me at the top of Havasu Falls). We hiked to three falls after leaving the Lodge: New Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls, and Mooney Falls. The last on the stop was awesome!

Mooney Falls

To get to the bottom of Mooney Falls, you have to climb down the side of a rock wall using the provided chains and ladder at the bottom. It was wonderful. I ended up climbing down twice.

Mooney Falls

Looking at these photos make me ache to go again. There is nothing like the ache of leg muscles after a long day hiking. If you ever get the chance to go to Havasupai Indian Reservation, do not hesitate.

Just make sure to be prepared! I spent the months up to my Grand Canyon trip hiking when I could and preparing for all the hiking we would do at the Grand Canyon.

 And I’ll repeat myself: It was worth it.


New Navajo Falls

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