Thanks for the Reminder

As I have said previously on a different blog, I only listen to books on CD I have either read previously or don’t want to spend time reading. In the past few months, I have listened to The Hunger Games series (after re-watching Mockingjay Part 1, I wanted to re-read the series, but didn’t have the time was reading books I haven’t read yet), Shiver (my best friend recommended it to me – and I just found out it is a series…time to go back to the Library), a few different Iris Johansen books to keep me entertained on my way to and from work, and finally, the book that I finished this morning on the way to work – The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks.

It has been a long time since I have read a Nicholas Sparks book. Why? Because I couldn’t stand to have my heart ripped out of my chest and beaten to a pulp anymore. I have stood firm since the last book I closed, which was Nights in Rodanthe.

I broke.

I went to the library and borrowed The Best of Me on CD. Last night, I had less than five minutes left to finish and I was tempted to stay in my car and finish it (but I had friends coming over to catch up on the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time it was Tuesday after all). Instead, I had the pleasure of it this morning on the way to work…

By pleasure, I mean heart breaking. I knew what was coming, but still I broke. At least this time I didn’t have the uncontrollable sobs that racked my body for minutes after. I remember the first book of his I read. My family was camping and it was the first time I saw my Aunt cry. She had just finished Message in a Bottle, which she gave to me after she read. I read it that camping trip and I don’t remember crying that hard over a book. After, he became one of my favorite authors. I even met him once at a book signing and had him sign my books.

Despite the broke heart and watery eyes, finishing the book made me realize how I much enjoy reading his books. The thought makes me sigh as I see a lot of tears in my future.


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