Book Hangover

Well…I finished Allegiant Friday night. My dreams were filled with Four, Tris and the rest of the characters that night. My brain was willed with the fictional word. I had a hard time accepting the ending…. and I think I have finally figured out why. It was my connection with Four. I understand Tris. I was inside her head for the first two books. I felt like I knew her.

The third book I finally got to see inside Four’s head.

That was my downfall. Yes, the book was sad. I was expecting sad. I was not expecting heart ripping, soul crunching sadness to consume me. I understand why the author did it, but I can’t help but wonder if the point could have been made a different way.

Ugh, it is hard to write about a book without giving away spoilers in case people have not read the series. Thankfully, I have friends to discuss these things with. Regretfully, my friend who I went to the zoo with yesterday heard me explode about it as I was driving her home… she thought it was funny. I get kind of emotional.

I am debating whether or not I want to read Four. The last book…it is Four’s point of view in a series of short e-books published. I am curious, but I am afraid my heart cannot take it knowing what I know.

So I sit here in limbo. Itching to start a new book, any book, to get my mind off the Divergent series. Instead, I find myself diving into a different source. Netflix. I was told by my brother I need to keep watching The Walking Dead. I had stopped for a few weeks at the beginning of Season 3. So this weekend, that is what I am doing: binge watching The Walking Dead in hopes that my mind will no longer be plagued by the what-if’s of the three books I read in seven days.

With me luck.


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