I Need a Little Escape

wpid-img_20150413_124953.jpg I love escaping. Even if it is just for sixty minutes. It’s part of my day that I can just disappear in my car with the windows open, my feet hanging outside, and just be me. The introvert. No demands. No ringing phone. Just me and a book. Or just me and whatever show I want to watch on Netflix on my phone.

Some work days is a struggle. A struggle to keep the anxiety at bay, a struggle to make it through the day without feeling like everything I touch is a disaster. I know that isn’t true, but sometimes I feel that way.

Lunch is a nice break for me. I just lean my seat back and enjoy the moment. My day will be about halfway done by the time I get back into my little office, into my little cubicle. Everything will be okay so just relax and enjoy the moment.

Because that is what life it….a series of moments. And what you do with them is up to you.



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