The Governor’s a Dick

Last month I finally started watching The Walking Dead. I binge watched the first two season on Netflix, then took a break because I needed something a little more light hearted in my life. Easter weekend my brother, who (I believe) just finished watching the season five finale, asked me if I watched it. Then began to ask about the Governor, which I hadn’t gotten to yet. Hearing how he talked about season three through season five made me want to start watching it again.

Last week, I watched it sporadically… between my brain being stuck in the fictional world, and plans after work, I did not have a lot of down time…which I am feeling today. But over the weekend, between the zoo and hanging out with my dad, I was able to watch most of season three. I just have a few words for you about it: the Governor is a complete and utter dick.

This morning, although I had trouble getting up, was a good morning for me. I slowly got up after my 6:30 alarm screamed into my ears and drug my feet around the apartment until my coffee finished brewing. As I sat on my couch, sipping the glorious liquid that clears the sleep cobwebs from the corners of my mind, I turned on my PS3 to finish watching Episode Fifteen of season three of TWD.

The ending of this episode broke my heart.

I love Daryl. I know why everyone loves Daryl. When he held little Asskicker and fed the baby her first bottle…ugh. It was so touching, his smile. Then when Carl mentioned Sophia…the way his face fell. It was such a great acting performed by Normandaryl Reedus. My brother told me that he is a made up character for this show. In the graphic novels, there is not Daryl. To me, that just shows how awesome Norman Reedus is. Meryl may not be my favorite character, but never the less he was Daryl’s brother.

I had to stop watching episode 16 to go to work and my mind is still in the room with Andrea trapped with soon to be walker….


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