Always Changing

I love the morning after a good rain storm.

Today started like any other work day. Alarm went off at 6 AM, which I promptly turned off and went back to sleep (no working out for this gal). At 6:30, Star Wars music makes me sit up and blink stupidly…time to start this Tuesday. I start coffee brewing and shuffle around apartment.

It wasn’t until I stepped outside, leaving for work, that the day seemed different. The rain from the night stopped, leaving the world around me soaked. My senses seemed to come alive as I walked towards Cupcake (my Subaru). I felt the air surround me, comforting me. The sounds of the remnant water falling onto the ground was music for my ears. The world seemed different to me this morning. I seemed different this morning. I was told the other day that my optimism is adorable. I don’t see that. Lately…I have felt anything but optimistic. But I try.IMG_20140917_134654

I am constantly changing. Sometimes change is a struggle, sometimes it is a blessing. I need a change in my life. I am starting to feel like every day is the same: I wake up, make coffee, get ready for work, watch a little TV, leave the apartment, drive to work, spend my day sitting in front of my computer at work, come home, make dinner, either read or watching TV (depending on the day, spend time with friends or family), go to bed, wake up and repeat. When I think of my life in those terms, it is kind of depressing. That is where I was last night. Struggling with my life and the choices I have made to get me here.

This morning, stepping out in the wet world with the bright green new leaves on the trees, my thoughts changed. And I am so thankful for where I am. The choices that brought me to this point, I do not regret. I am no longer that person I was even a year ago because I am constantly changing…constantly adapting.

And I am excited to discover who I am next.


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