Tis the Season for Camping

I am desperate to go camping. A few weekends ago when my family and I went to Cloudland Canyon State Park and stayed in a yurt was amazing, but it wasn’t the same as pitching a tent under the sky. My friends and I are trying to figure out a weekend to go next month to my favorite camping site: Indian indianboundaryBoundary Campground. It has an easy three-mile hike around the lake. It is beautiful. I love it there. Last year, I went camping there twice. Once on Easter weekend with my family. And the second time, my mom stayed the first night with me and I camped alone for the next night. It was great. But sitting around the campfire alone made me realize, I can go camping alone, but it was more fun with other people around to share the experience with.

So I am itching to go again. There is something about having no phone signal, no electronics, and being one with nature (but still have flushed toilets) that I just love. I grew up camping and hiking. I don’t get to go a lot anymore. Actually, I probably could, if I made it more of a priority. Sometimes, I get too distracted by life, I forget to make plans to get away. When I feel myself getting pulled down, instead of staying in the apartment by myself relaxing, I shouldtree surround myself in nature.

Because let’s face is…nature is awesome!


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