Congratulations and Thank You

daniIf you are my friend, I owe you many thanks and congratulations. I have discovered something about myself lately. I do not make friends easily. And if I make a new friend, that said new friend may not make it longer than a month or two. Looking back, I think I have one true new friend that I have made (not including work friends) since 2010. And by friend, I mean someone I talk to on a regular basis and actually go do something with.rad Yay for friends!

I’m sort of an asshole. Not in the, I’m mean to strangers or people in general. It’s just I like my space. I like time to myself and building friendships when most days I just want to sit alone in my apartment and binge watch Netflix or read a book is hard work. Which to a budding new friendship can seem like I am being a selfish asshole. And I am okay with that. And so are my friends. I am the luckiest person to have the friends I have. friends


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