I feel hung over this morning….*sighs*

I finished Cinder last night around eleven. I just couldn’t put it down. Sometimes it depresses me how quickly I can go through a good book. The author puts her or his soul into the writing. It is a painstakingly long process. And then I just devour the words on the pages in a few hours. Of course, I started the book last week during my lunch break so technically I didn’t read it all in one sitting, but most of it I did.

And now my mind itches to know what happens next. I still have two other books from the library to read, but this morning I got online and placed the second book Scarlet on hold. But, I will start reading Legend next. I can’t seem to read enough lately.

I’m sure if The Walking Dead season five was available on demand I would be more concerned with watching that, but until I can get my hands on the entire season, I will spend my time immersing myself in books. I love the fictional world: whether it be books, or TV shows. (I just watched last nights Once Upon A Time and dammit, I do not want to wait a week to find out what happens next).

I am needing fantasy worlds lately. It calls to me. So here I go again, diving into the world of fiction despite my book hangover. Because the fictional world saves me from reality…at least for a little bit.


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