My Jerk Cat

imageNelson is a jerk, but he is MY cute jerk. Sometimes, he isn’t so bad. He loves to cuddle. And as long as it’s not on my face, I’m all for it. Like the picture to the left, he is cuddled up on my arm, his paws are not pressing against my throat or eyes. Everything is fine here.

Usually, I am not that lucky as he likes to step on my throat with his claws out just enough to make me feel very uncomfortable.

It was love at first sight when I saw him. And as much as I complain about him, and offer to give him to people, I love the jerk. I have never met a more needy cat. I have had cats almost my entire life, and never had a cat meow at me until I follow him into the other room so he won’t be alone while he eats or use the cat liter (thankfully, he has given up that little habit).

So I treasure the days when he isn’t being a jerk and actually being sweet. I love the days he doesn’t follow me around my apartment, biting my ankle. And even more, I love the days he doesn’t stalk me before attacking me. At the end of the day, my jerk cat is pretty awesome!


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