Playing Catch-Up

I woke up Friday morning and attempted to stay away from any Grey’s Anatomy spoilers… which is impossible. I am so far behind on this TV show. My aunt messaged me Friday morning asking me if I had watched it, and I had to admit I haven’t even watched last season of Grey’s. Of course, I as expecting something huge to happen….the previews warned me of the impending doom.

Friday, after work, I grabbed dinner on the way home and finished watching the past weeks recording of Bones and then began to dive back into the emotional tailspin that is Grey’s Anatomy. I turned on Netflix, found Grey’s Anatomy in my list, and found episode one of season ten. I am not even two minutes into it that I realize I have no idea what is going on. Turns out…I didn’t even finish watching season nine! The last thing I remember….

Spoiler alert.

….is the the doctors buying the hospital and Jackson’s mom putting him in charge of the hospital. I wanted to catch up to Thursday night’s episode and discovered I had a lot of catching up to do.

Watching Grey’s Anatomy after all this time without it is like catching up with old friends. Catching up with people you love, remembering those you have lost. It reminds me why I loved the show to begin with…even the episodes (or seasons) that were a disappointment. I remember starting this show, all those years ago, watching with my mom every Thursday night. It was our night special girls night for years. Even when I was away at school, we would watch it separately and then talk on the phone afterwards (whether it be the same night, or a few nights later). It was something special. It is something special.

Now I am about halfway through season ten…I have twelve more episodes left to watch on Netflix…then twenty-one episodes recorded on my DVR to watch. Since last night, I have taken two breaks. The first, was around two AM when my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer and I slept for about seven hours. Then early today when I went to the store to pick up junk food. Do not judge me today. I have been super good about eating better, but that is out the window with Grey’s.

I know Yang is going to leave this season…that is one of the reasons I haven’t watched it yet. She is one of my favorites. Karev, Owen, and her are my favorites. I remember how April has grown on me…and I remember that especially when she yells at Grey and Yang while in her wedding dress about how this is her day and not about them.

Time to get back to the fictional world.


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