Yesterday was both fun and horrible. I took a half day off from work to celebrate my friend’s and mine one year anniversary by going to Dollywood! Yay: SO MUCH FUN! She even surprised me with a card and gummies!


I am so very lucky! The afternoon was filled with games, rides, and laughter! It was just what I needed. I have been so anxious and stressed lately, I was desperate for some care-free fun….except at the end when a mood necklace told me I was anxious/unsettled. Screw you mood necklace!

After many fun hours of having fun, it was time to leave the park and eat some dinner. This is where the horrible part comes to light….someone has stolen my license plate to Cupcake (my Subaru).


Needless to say I was not happy….AT ALL. I mean, who steals someone’s license plate??? Jerks! That is who! Now, I have to get a new freaking license plate on my lunch break today… It is definitely time for a change in my life. I need more care-free fun afternoons that do not get crushed down because some asshat decided to steal my license plate!

Oh well….things are going to get better, right? They have to as long as I have my awesome friends and family.


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