I’m so Screwed

I watch a lot of crime shows (Castle, The Mysteries of Laura, Bones, Forever, The Flash, Psych, Criminal Minds…you get the point). And as I am watching the past weeks The Mysteries of Laura, I realize that I would be completely screwed if for some reason I needed an alibi.

Which is a ridiculous thought…me needing an alibi.

But seriously…if I am not at work, I am either by myself or with my family (or friends, who are basically family by now). So I am alone, watching crime shows and now I cannot stop thinking how screwed I would be if ever I needed an alibi…unless watching Netflix can give me an alibi.

“Yes, I was home alone Saturday night with my cat watching Daredevil until going to bed. Before that, I read Fairest.”

I lead an exciting life.


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