Down the Rabbit Hole…Again

I haven’t picked up a book since I finished Champion. Okay, that is a lie…technically I did pick up a book but I just carried it around. I blame Netflix. I started watching Nikita a long time ago (by that I mean just the first couple episodes). Instead of starting another book like I had planned, I turned to Netflix since I would be without internet after Friday.

That was my mistake.

Now instead of dissolving into a book, I have dived down deep into the world of a fiction via TV show. On Mother’s Day, I spent most of the day in front of my parents TV watching Nikita. I started season two and it was over for me. I am now emotionally invested in the fictional characters.

I was sitting there, a few episodes away from season two when I told my dad something along the lines of liking Birkhoff, despite how I probably shouldn’t. Of course, he just grinned and said keep on watching.  And now, he is one of mybirkhoff favorite characters. But that isn’t saying anything because I love them all…except for the computer and utter dicks.

And now, I just cannot stop thinking about this show…wanting to know what is going to happen next. Of course this happens right as my internet goes bye-bye. But that is okay, I have unlimited data and can also go over to my parents and watch it there. Now it will, hopefully, keep me from binge watching four seasons in a couple of days.

I am actually thankful for the distraction. Twelve years ago today I was told one of my best friends had been killed by a drunk driver. Today I am thankful for the rabbit hole.


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