Filling a Void

I hate it when I go blank. It’s the empty feeling in my mind and body. Most of the time it happens when I go into one of my spirals of obsession with whatever fictional world I am currently engrossed in. Case in point: Nikita. All I want to do is watch this blasted show. The internet has made it easier for me to obsess over things…it has opened my world to different sites that I can look up information on shows. Netflix has made it easier for me to binge watch shows I wouldn’t have even thought to buy the DVDs. So…I am blank…only to be filled with fictional characters.


Which….can you blame me with Nikita? I mean, take Birkhoff for example. He spouts so much random awesome-ness.


forceI haven’t even finished this series. There is only four season…the last season is only six episodes long. SIX? Ugh. Just knowing that makes my heart hurt. I am on the last episode of season two right now. What am I going to do when there is no more Birkhoff? When there is no more Alex, Nikita, Michael and gang?

snitchSeason two has been awesome in my opinion. Birkhoff offers the best comedic relief to the fighting. I finally watched Shadow Walker at my lunch break today. After the fight he had with Nikita and he took off to get more money, he was in a little internet coffee shop place. At first, you see him talking to someone standing next to his table. It turned out it was just a stranger asking to borrow an empty chair, which Birkhoff refused. When the stranger walked away to regroup with his friends, Birkhoff watches him go with this look of…loneliness on his face. It broke my heart.

Of course the local police pick him up on hacking and Nikita comes to his rescue, because that is what friends do…even when you fight.

whippedcreamCan you really blame me for wanting to watch this awesome show?



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