Prone to Obsessive Behavior

“Maybe its just me, but you may be prone to obsessive behavior.”

My friends know me so well.

I have trouble focusing most days, so I make lists and I try to keep to my schedule. To-do lists are probably one of my favorite things. It helps me focus on the things I need to get done. I would probably be lost in a world I have created in my head without lists and schedules to keep my feet grounded. And sometimes even they are not enough to keep me from wandering off down the rabbit holes I have created.

It is an escape, I know it is…the fictional world is my escape when life gets to be too much. It has always been that way for me. Actually, if I am completely honest, I escape into fiction even when everything is fine. But I find when I get too stressed, too overwhelmed it is easier for me to be pulled down under.

It could be worse. I could have gotten into drugs or other bad behaviors, but I have focused it towards movies, TV shows, and books. Which is probably still not the best way to deal with my issues. When I was around twenty, I worked at a video rental store. Looking back at my time there, I miss it. I miss having all those movies at my fingertips. That job, although the pay was horrible and near the end I was working way too much, was probably one of the best jobs I have had. I met some awesome people during my time there. I met one of my best friends there.

Time to re-focus and get my to-do list done for the day.

After all…it is fraking Thursday.


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