Many Faces

I was very excited when I heard about the TV show The Librarians. Even more excited when I had a few episodes recorded so I could binge watch it. I don’t remember what episode the picture above is from, but I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically upon seeing it. I feel like I have three faces and these three different characters are portraying each of them perfectly. (Okay, realistically, I have a lot more facial expressions, but these three seem to be my go-to expressions…especially around people).


I have been told on numerous occasions that I need to smile more… which just pisses me off. Why do I need to smile more? Just because I have resting bitch face doesn’t mean I should force smiles just to please you. And cut to the faces of John Larroquette, Christian Kane, and Lindy Booth.image

These three faces sums up all my responses to “you should smile more.”

Screw you random person telling me how I should look. I know I have a nice smile. Just because I can smile, doesn’t mean I want to smile…that you deserve to see my smile. It’s even worse when you are at work and some person tells you to smile. Because then, you can’t respond the way you want to or normally would. You just find of smile awkwardly and try to move along.

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-18-16-32-27.pngJust stop, please. If you or someone you know has a resting bitch face, please do not suggest smiling to them. Every time my soul dies a little on the inside.

It is draining to always have to be on…to feel like you can’t just sit there any be yourself without the judgmental tones from those around you on how they think you should look, act, and behave. It is frustrating and I have found that I have little patience for what others want for me now. It’s exhausting attempting to live your life for other people…especially random strangers that feel like they know best.

So just smile, right? And move along.


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