My Cat is a Jerk: Reason # 2

I have a needy cat. He has been a needy jerk since the moment I brought him home. When he was just a baby, he would love to lay on my chest/neck, just under my chin. Or he would want to lay ON my face.


Cute right?

Looking at these pictures makes me miss Nelson as a tiny kitten. Now he is a fat jerk cat who still likes to lay on my face. Especially between 5 and 5:30 in the morning…even on weekends. I’ll be fast asleep, enjoying whatever weird dream that is taking place in my head and suddenly…whiskers go up my nose as a purring cat attempts to get as close as physically possible to my face.

Or worse, he lays down next to me, then thrusts his paws out in my neck or face with his claws out just enough to make it interesting…by interesting, I mean super uncomfortable. I have woken up to a claw up my nose. Let me tell you, that is not a pleasant way to be woken up in the morning.

Then, as I get ready for work in the mornings when he wants to cuddle, he will  bite my arm until I lean back and let him lay on me. He doesn’t want anything to do with me at night, but the mornings…he just wants to cuddle. I guess it could be worse, right?



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