But I Like you with Long Hair

Why do people insist on telling women how they wear their hair? Granted, ever since I took the plunge last November and cut all my hair off (it wasn’t that much), I have heard nothing but compliments (except for the lovely “you look like a lesbian” comment). I still get the occasional, I miss your long hair. Which I get, but still think its weird. Why do you miss my long hair? You aren’t the one who had to deal with it. Shouldn’t I be the one to miss it? And yes, sometimes I do. I sometimes miss being able to put it up into a pony tail, pig tails, or when it was actually long enough, braids. But then I wake up in the mornings, water down that one spot that likes to stick up and move along.

Short hair is a beautiful thing for the lazy person who doesn’t want to figure out how to actually style hair. It’s perfect.


I get how people like long hair on women. When my hair was actually passed shoulder length, I liked it for the most part. Except for always having to brush it or keep it up so it wouldn’t look tangled all the time.

hair“What are you doing to do when you want to grow it out?”

My reply to those who as that stupid question: “grow it out.” Yes, my hair gets very helmet looking when it starts growing out and I have to get it trimmed just about every five weeks, which is annoying (that is what hats and headbands are for). But the rewards are so much better. I don’t have to blow dry my hair in the mornings before work. If I want, I can put a little product in it to give my hair an extra bounce. Or just leave it alone. So…I’m sorry that I am not sorry that I love my short hair and that I plan on keeping it. I’m sorry that I am not sorry that you think I am a lesbian because of my hair. But most of all, I’m sorry that I am not sorry that you feel like I would look better with longer hair.

Just so you know, telling me that I look like a lesbian is not the insult you were implying.


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