SPN Family


Went out and checked my mail this morning and found this treasure waiting for me! I was was 9 years late to the Supernatural party but don’t hold it against me. I basically watched 9 season of the show in a few months then was able to watch season ten as it aired.

A few weeks ago I heard Jared and Jensen created a new shirt to raise money and awareness for people suffering with depression. Of course I had to buy this new design. I bought a tank top and sweatshirt. I am super impressed with these guys. Not only do they love their fans but they do so much for others. I can’t forget Misha and his support of Random Acts of Kindness.

When I struggled with depression, I was at my worst. It was crazy hard to make it through the days without just giving up and giving in. But I kept going. Jared’s Always Keep Fighting campaign is so true when it comes with struggling. And now, as I stand in a store in the mall with friends writing this, the words from Galaxy Quest comes to me…

“Never give up. Never surrender.”

And I won’t.


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