Some Days I Feel Like a Pirate

I love days to myself. They are precious and rare. Last night I changed into my pajamas after having a great day with a friend and watched season two of Modern Family. I’ve been meaning to watch this show for years. It’s one of my mom’s favorite shows. It’s one of those shows I’ve only seen a show here and there over the years.

Ugh there is stuff I need to go and do but that means I have to go out and be around people…in stores. Yesterday was enough, right? Walking around stores with my friend. It should be enough, but I didn’t get anything I needed.

It’s so beautiful outside. Instead of running errands and being inside, I should go on an adventure someplace in the mountains.

Lazy days to myself always start out this way…first the excitement of not having anything to do. Then comes the guilt…how I really should be doing something. Next comes the adventure…let’s go find a waterfall! Before it circles back around to pushing play on my remote control…at least for now. It’s not even 9:30 yet.


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