Adventure Time: Indian Boundary Campground

It is almost June and I haven’t been camping yet this year. Easter weekend my family and I stayed in a Yurt, but that does not count as camping per say. I need a tent. I need a sleeping bag, not a bunk bed shared with my five-year old niece (who is very fidgety). I need to have no phone service.

This weekend, I shall be one with nature. I am going camping and I cannot wait. My mind is already there, just waiting for my body to catch up with me. I am ready to be sitting around the fire, listening to nature surrounding me. One of my best friends has never (really) gone camping (she went once but that doesn’t really count). And so, it is with great honor that I have convinced her to come! Although they will be coming up on Saturday, I know it is going to be a fantastic time! Last year when I went camping, they came up for the day to come swimming. This time, they are here to stay (at least for one night)!

Needless to say, I am one excited gal. It will be a nice mini-vacation to get away and back into nature. Without the temptations of Netflix or DVDs, I plan on getting back to nature and walking the three miles around the lake. I even bought a new bathing suit…let’s hope it gets delivered before I leave on Friday.

Side note, my BFF and I are starting to plan to take a week to hike part of the AT next year. How amazing would that be? Time to prepare!


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