If I eat a Cookie and no one Sees…Does it Count?

A company brought in Panera Bread cookies and a giant pastry thing this morning. I have been super good about not sneaking off to the back and eating a cookie or two. But now that it is closer and closer to quitting time, it is getting harder to resist the temptation of a chocolate chip cookie.

Damn you, cookie!

I haven’t been good lately with my eating habits. I finally have gotten down to the weight I was in high school and then immediately ate everything in my apartment… (meaning the ice cream, chips, and Reese’s Cups I had just bought over the weekend). I’m allowed to splurge every once in a while, right?

I was actually around this weight a couple of years ago when I lost about ten pounds in a month from pure misery. Nothing like feeling so horrible that even food is a chore. Thankfully, I got myself out of that situation and came back home to East Tennessee…and then gained all the weight back…plus more! Yay!

The beginning of last year (it could have been sooner) my BFF started getting into the Beachbody workouts. Which of course got my interested in it. I started eating better and being more active (instead of sitting around eating junk food all the time, I actually started working out and eating vegetables instead of only pasta). I lost ten pounds easily enough just by cutting out my weakness… wpid-screenshot_2015-05-27-16-48-40-1.pngPepsi. Let me tell you, that right there was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was drinking way too much soda. I cut it out and started drinking water. Now, I live for water. I crave water. (I still get a 12 pack of the Pepsi with real sugar every once in a while – I still remember that awesome day I went to the grocery store and saw the Throwback Pepsi…it was one of the best days of my life).

Now, over a year later, I lost all the weight I gained plus more (though technically since I gained back five pounds in the past two weeks it’s not plus more now, but I’ll get back there in the next two weeks, darn you Cheesecake Factory and junk food).

The good thing about eating healthier is that after a while you stop craving the unhealthy foods. But then, you spend the weekend gorging yourself on junk and the cravings start back up…*eye twitches* Like craving that jerk of a chocolate chip cookie back there.

I started eating better and exercising for a couple different reasons. It’s easier to start and keep better habits when you are younger (so the infamous “they” tell me). I was also getting myself prepared for a lot of hiking in the Grand Canyon with my folks last November. One of the main reasons is because I was a little depressed according to my know-it-all doctor. I was sleepy all the time and couldn’t concentrate. So I put myself on a schedule that included working out and eating better. Granted, I probably worked out for about a month, got bored and stopped before restarting the whole process over again.

I need to start the working out garbage again to get my energy level up. But then I get distracted with whatever book or TV show I am currently involved in. *sighs* Time to stop being lazy and get back to it, right? If Jess and I are going to be hiking  part of the AT next year, I need to step it up.

But one cookie today won’t hurt, right? If no one knows, does it count?


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