Creepy Crawlies

What is it about bugs and bathrooms?

Do they just wait until you are at your most vulnerable before pouncing?

Seriously….I need to know!

I want to first state, that I don’t mind bugs. As long as they are not crawling on me, I am good. As long as I can see them coming, I am completely fine. It is only when they appear out of no where that I can act a little…squeamish. Especially when driving a car or in the bathroom. Both for seriously smart reasons and if anyone says otherwise, I shall challenge their frame of minds.

I have been attacked….okay, attacked is a strong word….by bugs in the sanctity of bathrooms way too often. (By attacked, I really mean appear out of no where and gave me a slight heart attack). I have even had a stink bug come back from the dead (okay, I probably didn’t kill it the first time because those creatures will outlive us all) to stalk me in the shower. Killing bugs is something I try to avoid…but when they are lurking in bathrooms or jumping at my jugular, they are crossing a line.

All I ask… stay away from me in the bathroom. That is a sacred place that I shouldn’t be scared of a pending attack. Is that really so much to ask?


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