Oh the Memories!

My co-worker came in today telling us her son has left for Washington D.C. for the school field trip and I immediately become assaulted with memories from when I went. Maybe it was the two cups of coffee this morning, but I have been super excitable today.

I remember sharing a hotel room with my friends and eating skittles like dogs (no judging, I was a fifth grader). It was the first time I had been to Washington D.C. and the first time I had been on a trip away from my parents. It was all exciting…being away from home with friends, staying in a hotel room without adult supervision, seeing national landmarks. I am so excited that he has this opportunity! Of course, he has a cell phone to take lots of pictures with…I had a little disposable one, if memories serves…which I could be wrong and had a cheap little firm point and shoot…my memory is horrid.

I still have a picture from then. I think it’s the only picture I have from that trip. This was before I had photo albums. And the picture is *drum roll* of my best friend. We weren’t even friends at this time, however. I was taking a picture of another friend, who had ducked before someone to avoid getting her photo taken. And there she is, Jess, in the background reading a book. No wonder we are friends.

I both love and despise when the memories come rushing back to me. As much as I love remember the little moments that I had completely forgotten about (like one kid on that Washington D.C. trip mooned the hallway, which I had missed, but heard about after the fact), I also begin to feel old. That trip was a very long time ago. It makes me want to do something new and different. This camping trip won’t even be that different. I camped by myself last year for the first time. Although, I will be witnessing my friend and her daughter’s first time camping, so that is exciting enough.

It might be time to plan a trip. I have traveled by myself a lot over the years, but never to somewhere new…always to visit family members. There is so many things to do, to see…I just need to actually go out and see them. What better time than now?


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