Back to Reality

I miss camping already. It was such a perfect weekend. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. It never rained on me while I was at the campground (it waited as we were leaving Sunday to down pour). When I left work on Friday, it was during a down pour. I was slightly nervous, but not nervous enough to stay home. Worst case scenario I sleep in my car because of the rain…which didn’t happen. Instead, I was able to cook hotdogs on an open flame. I was able to sleep the tent windows open, letting in the moon light and open air.


What is it about camping that just makes all your worries disappear? Friday night, as the sun was setting, I walked out to the beach and just sat, watching wpid-img_5003.jpgthe reflections on the lake start to darken. Camping by yourself gives you a lot of down time to reflect inward and gives you a sense of accomplishment. I walked down to the beach twice Friday night. The first time was around 9, then next after 10. It was a wonderful experience to walk through the woods in the dark to star gaze on the beach at night. Granted, the stars were being outshone by the moon.

Saturday morning I walked the three miles around the lake before my friends arrived. And I ended up walking around the lake again with them later. I walked over 26 thousand steps on Saturday, beating Friday’s steps by ten thousand…I do love my Fitbit. It has been about 24 hours since leaving the campground and already, I am ready to be back.

I didn’t realize how desperately I needed this past weekend. I needed to be away from the constant contact of the world. I still need to be away from it, but I will make it through this week and find a way to escape this weekend and do whatever makes my heart happy. Maybe I will drive to Indian Boundary lake for the day? Maybe go on a hike? Maybe just disappear in the woods somewhere with a good book? The possibilities are endless. It opens me up and gives me hope for the future. Everything has been so dark and stressful lately. There is nothing like getting away from everything, even for a couple days, that just makes you appreciate everything you do have. It makes you appreciate the struggles that got you to this point in time and wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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