Not Today

Most of the time, I feel like a fish out of water. I am just flopping helplessly around the ground wondering how it all went wrong. I feel like the bowl of petunias from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as it falls to the ground.

Today is not that day.

I should feel like it. Instead of being my boring old self last night (after my delicious pie), I went to the movies to see San Andreas. Seeing the movie was worth not getting into bed until after ten o’clock (remember, I am basically a grumpy old man who likes to be in bed by 9 on work days). When I first saw the preview for this movie, my reaction was: eh. I don’t remember when I finally decided I wanted to see the it. I have been waiting for a decent disaster movie to come out. It seems the only one that has peaked my interest in the past few years has been the Sharknado movies (don’t judge me). I had the opportunity to see San Andreas last night and I jumped at the chance. Although it was predictable and probably has horrible reviews, I still enjoyed the movie. You can’t expect a lot out of these types of movies. If you do, of course you will be disappointed. But what won’t be disappointing is Paul Giamatti, because he is awesome. While watching him, his character from Shoot ‘Em Up kept invading my mind. That started a chain reaction to other movies he was in…

And I just found out the are making a third Sharknado movie this year….

These types of movies are my guilty pleasure. I know I shouldn’t like them, but I do. Same with A Million Ways to Die in the West. I know I should hate the movie, but it doesn’t stop me from pressing play.

I love days like this. Despite waking up being tired and sore from the past few days work outs (which I will have to get my workout in tonight since I couldn’t get out of bed this morning to do it), I feel good. Like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I am sure life will find a way to jab a whole in my balloon, but I won’t let it stop me! Nothing like putting on a dress for work (even sewing the holes in your leggings before work) to make you feel like you have your shit together.


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