Rise up in the Cafeteria…

This week has moved at a snail’s pace for me. Maybe it is because I am super excited about Jurassic World coming out on Friday. Maybe it is because I am even more excited about going and visiting my BFF this weekend. Either way, this week has just been a nightmare. I feel like I am stuck in slow motion and watching as my life passes me by. It is quite depressing actually. I have even continued my working out in the mornings (only three of the four work days so far – Monday was the worst day this week and I probably haven’t recovered from it).

And I am going to blame Jurassic World. It looks beyond awesome. And now that Saturday is coming closer, I am starting to get nervous it won’t like up to my expectations… How can it not? CHRIS PRATT RIDING A MOTORCYCLE WITH HIS FLOCK OF TRAINED RAPORS! Nothing can be as cool as that. That is the dream.

Since I am without internet and without Modern Family or Downton Abbey or whatever TV show I could be watching… I have been going through my hundreds of movies to pick out something to keep me occupied. This morning: Skyfall. The newest James Bond movie. I started to put in Quantum of Solace, but decided I needed more Judy Dench. ((Damn you, Matrix! As I write this The World is Not Enough by Garbage starts playing in the background on the computer)). I am definitely in an action movie mood in the mornings. Yesterday I got ready for work by watching Live Free or Die Hard. Nothing beats a good Die Hard or James Bond movie.

It has been way too long in between these two James Bond movies. I am needing a James Bond fix, hence watching Skyfall this morning. Though, there wasn’t enough time to finish it before having to leave for work which now gives me something to look forward to and watch after work!

I just need for it to be Friday already…


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