…And Stab Them with Your Plastic Forks

Oh Friday, how I love thee.

Why did it take you so long to get here, my old friend?

I am really tired of being a responsible adult. It hit me this morning when I was driving to work… like a responsible adult… I really don’t want to be an adult anymore. But here is the thing… I definitely do no want to be a kid again. Especially now with all the social media crap and cell phones everywhere… I barely survived as it is. Being social awkward kid once is plenty for me. That means I have to act like a grown up. Which is scary, because that is something I am not. Or at least, I don’t feel like a grown up. I feel like a kid playing dress up.


I never liked to dress up while I was a kid. It’s even worse now. There is a difference between being made to dress up as a kid and choosing to dress up as an adult. Every day, I get up (now work out) then start getting ready for my work day… this consists of putting on work appropriate clothes. Where I work, it is business casual. I am not complaining about it. I don’t think I would do well in an environment of business professional. All that being said…most days I am getting better at dressing in the mornings with what I want to wear, instead of sighing and putting on something that resembles business casual.

This week I have wanted to watch a certain movie. It plagues my mind. As Christian Slater’s character says in the movie:

“It’s like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind.”

And of course the song that is playing in the background as I write this is Me Against the World by Simple Plan.

Anyhow…it’s weird that I am considered a grown up now. I am almost thirty years old and I do not feel like I have my life together. Granted, I am better off now than I was a few years ago. Maybe that is what being a grown up is. Just being better than your past self? It’s as mundane as paying bills and getting excited for the weekend.

Maybe being a grown up isn’t that bad. I did eat ice cream for breakfast on Sunday morning. That is pretty epic. Sure, I am tired of being a grown up right now, but I just have to remember….being a grown up has some perks.

“You see, feeling screwed up in a screwed up place in a screwed up time does not mean you are screwed up, if you catch my drift.”


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