I love a good weekend. The only bad thing about a great weekend, is the Monday that follows. I am just bone tired from so much fun. Saturday, I drove up to Johnson City to visit my BFF and we saw Jurassic World! Of course I wore my Jurassic Park t-shirt, then laughed so hard when Jake Johnson’s character was wearing a similar shirt! It is even better because it was Jake Johnson who plays Nick in New Girl. Nick is like the human version of that stupid Grumpy Cat. Jess and I were pleasantly surprised at seeing him. We had no idea he was in it!

I also ended up buying both a backpacking pack and hiking boots! Although it was a lot of money, I am going backpacking for the first time next weekend and these are things I desperately need to be able to do that. It’s hard trying to figure out all the stuff you are going to need for something you have never done before. The list of things I need to buy just keeps growing.

Sunday morning was a bit dramatic. My friend had gotten into a bicycle accident and suffered a concussion and didn’t know where he was. Since I was two hours away, I felt a little bit helpless. Thankfully, he was able to tell us where he came out of the woods at and someone went to go get him. That situation could have gone a lot differently. It’s scary to think about, so I won’t think about it anymore. After I found out he was on his way to the hospital, I calmed down a bit and headed to my friend’s new church. I loved her old church that recently merged with this new one. I have been wanting to check it out to see if I loved it as much as the other. Turns out: I do. It was a great service. Although it was on marriage, which I am not married, it still connected with my own life. How I cannot control anything other than myself (basically). I cannot change others, but if I am not happy, it is an internal issue and not an external one. This is basically what I have been working on these past few weeks. I needed to hear the message on Sunday for it to hit home. I need to stop having bitter and angry thoughts over things I have no control over. Basically, I need to empty my cup. How can I grow and learn new things about myself if I think I know everything?

wpid-snapchat-7791345999994855507.jpgBy the time I got home, I felt more at peace. That is such a lovely feeling. So I ended up packing up all my DVDs and took the boxes over to my parents house before heading over to my friends to take care of their dogs. When I got back home, I just sat on my couch looking at the disarray. Moving is a lot of work. I’m still trying to decide if I want to hire movers for the bigger things that won’t fit in cars, or just struggle with what I have.

I know that whatever happens, I will be ready for it. Every day is an adventure….whether is be a good adventure or an unpleasant one. Nelson, despite him being a jerk sometimes, really makes me feel loved when I come home from being away for a couple of days. I’m surprised how well he is handling me packing up the apartment. I really hope he handles the move well enough and doesn’t be a complete jerk about having a new home.

In less than three weeks I need to be out of the apartment….I need to take a few deep breaths and remember…everything is going to be fantastic.


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