Saturday I watched Jurassic World. During this one scene, there was a man running away from the dinosaurs double-fisting margaritas. Jess and I both noticed this and cracked up, nudging each other.

This morning I find out who that man is by reading a Buzzfeed article entitled: The Hero Of “Jurassic World” Is Not Chris Pratt, But The Man Double-Fisting Margaritas. Turns out…that man is none other than Jimmy Buffett! And what I didn’t notice is the restaurant happened to be Margaritaville!

Needless to say…my day is made! I don’t know how this day could get any better…

Okay, I lied.

It gets better because of the video of Chris Pratt “running” in heals.

With that said…hope your day is now fantastic.


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