Super Hero Socks

What is it about new socks that makes me so happy? Hey look, new socks! I have my life together! Check it out: NO HOLES! And since I am attempting to break in my new hiking boots for next weekend, I have noticed the socks I have currently, are not high enough. Sadly, they have been starting to rub the back on my ankle…it is not a pleasant experience. So yesterday on my lunch break and went over to K-Mart (*gasps* K-Mart is still around?) to buy some socks.

Just my luck too…they had some Captain America socks that are supposed to be “athletic.” I know what I am wearing for backpacking next weekend! Since they are superhero socks, they will give me super powers, right? Until then, I bought some other socks that are absolutely perfect to break in the boots before next Saturday.

Sometimes I feel like I have my life in order…and surprisingly enough…today is that day. I have been getting patted on the back at my job…. Although I have been extremely busy this week… I feel like I have my shit together. I haven’t felt this way in…a very long time.

I really don’t know why I feel this way. Last night, I was woken up to something on my face and I saw a giant black spider crawling towards me. Of course, I screamed, jumped out of bed and ran to turn on the light, blinking the sleep out of my eyes. It was three in the morning by the way. Turns out, I think it was the black bat on my sheets (don’t judge my awesome Nightmare Before Christmas Sheets) and my over active dream realm slowly returning to awake. Because that giant ass spider (about the size of my palm) was NO WHERE to be found. Believe me…I looked for about fifteen minutes. And when I finally returned to bed, Nelson wanted to cuddle my face. For once, I didn’t mind. If there is a giant cat in my face, there won’t be a giant spider.

I know I just said I wanted super powers, but I’m not sure about the whole spidey senses…


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