Out with the Old?


My parents had this “ugly” brown furniture when I was kid. When they wanted to get rid of them, I was heart broken. I loved the furniture. I begged to be able to keep the chair and thankfully, I was able to. This was probably about 18 years ago or so? My mom expected me to tire of it and get rid of it pretty quickly. Image her surprise and disappointment when I didn’t.

It broke my heart to get rid of the chair yesterday evening. Above is the last photo I will ever have of it. I have some good memories of it, but sadly, we have to part ways. It is finally time. When I was attending college in Johnson City, this was my only piece of furniture (minus a bowl chair). If anyone visited and sat in it, I would warn them to be nice to it because it would eat them if they uttered an unkind word. Just to let you know, the springs and whatnot has long since been gone so when you sit it in, you sink down. But oh the memories. I remember as a teenager we would be sitting two or three to it, sometimes getting knocked out on the wooden sides.

Although I hate parting with things, It is nice to be de-cluttering my life. I am going through my stuff and getting rid wpid-1434834561992.jpgof/donation things that I don’t use or I haven’t used in more than six months. Let me tell you, for a pack rat, this is hard. I have plenty of things I cannot part with, but a lot of unnecessary dust collectors are heading out the door.

Of course, somethings I will never get rid of. Like this Monkey Coconut from my best friend Danielle. But this guy is not a dust collector! Far from it! He is a part of my little family. It may be hard getting rid of things, but it is nice simplifying my life. Plus, I don’t need trinkets to remember… I don’t need objects hidden away in the closets. (Like toy cars from childhood and my chair) How freeing it is to be able to finally let go of things.


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