How I Have Missed Thee

It’s kind of sad how much I rely on the internet. Honestly though, I blame Netflix. And I blame Netflix in a good way. Now that video rental stores are almost extinct and the only way to rent movies is via bloody RedBox, I rely on Netflix for all the TV shows and movies (even the bad ones).

However, there is at least one video rental store still in my area. That is where I went to at lunch yesterday….to the only video rental store near my work. Call me weird, but I would rather rent movies from a store than from an unmanned box. However, on days where my imagination gets the better of me, there are leprechauns inside those machines manning them. I know this isn’t true, but still…I like the possibility of it. So until they take away my last remaining source of movies rentals (or until the day I cave and go to RedBox), I will go to the grocery store and treasure the time I have with the renting movies. And today at lunch, I returned the DVD and rented another for my night at my friend’s house. I have to remember to drive a little out of my way and rent movies that I want to see that I didn’t want to pay to watch at the theater. For the last few months, I completely forgot about the rental store. I blame stress. The jerk.

My schedule is all jacked up this week and I am feeling it. If I wasn’t in such a good mood, I’d probably be asleep already. This weekend I shall be backpacking for the first time (pending the weather). I will be super sad if we have to cancel because of the stupid weather. But of course, if it is cancelled, it will not be the last opportunity to go backpacking! And more than likely I will spend the entire weekend watching Netflix…or cleaning up the apartment….or sleeping.

Probably catching up on sleep.

But it won’t come to that. The weather won’t have a 100% change of storms on Saturday.

And until then…there is always the beautiful Netflix. Seriously, these past few days being able to watch whatever TV show on Netflix that catches my eye before bed at night and before work in the morning has been like greeting an old friend.


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