Sometimes I feel invisible.

Days like today, it makes me feel stronger. Days like today, I want to be invisible….like the comfort of air. You know it’s always there surrounding you, but you just can’t see it.

Backpacking has been cancelled for this weekend, which makes me feel a little let down. I love a good storm, but come on Mother Nature, did you have to wait until this weekend to let it rip? Oh well. I shall experience my first backpacking trip another time! I will use this weekend to catch up on getting the little junk out of my apartment. And also putting up my hammock I bought on Tuesday for backpacking up!

Then I cannot forget Saturday night’s roller derby game! Mom and I weren’t going to be able to go because of backpacking. It’ll be my first time this season going.

And now I am getting anxious thinking about all the little things that need to get done within the next week. Great…let’s go back to feeling invisible. I like that feeling better.

I feel a hermit day coming up in the near future.

I could use a good day of absolute nothing. I feel like I could sleep for a week.


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