A New Day

I love a good rain.

Rainy days like today makes me want to curl up on my couch with a good book. Or with Netflix. Either one and I would be happy.

As long as I am able to get the last stuff out of my apartment after work, I will be fine. I just had to leave the TV for last, huh? I will be thankful when it is over…when I lock the apartment for the last time and say good riddance. But sadly, that won’t be the end of it.. I still have all the crap in boxes and thrown around the room at my home.

This day needs to be over already. This rain makes me sleepy. I did step one this morning by getting out of bed at six and putting the workout DVD in the player. I did not follow through though. My mom and I just looked at each other and said nope. She went back to sleep while I went and watched Netflix for a bit before starting to get up and get ready for the work day. After I finish at the apartment, I am looking forward to just relaxing tonight. I have been going non-stop it seems for the past few weeks and I am out of energy. I hate it.

It could be worse, right?

Not too much longer until my three-day weekend gets here. Once I get done at apartment tonight, I am going to get on a non-stop train to Hermit City. It’s going to be splendid. Going to watch Numb3rs on Netflix (possibly take a break and watch other things on my list that I have been needing to watch – although I am a little obsessed with Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz).

Saturday I will be leaving Hermit City to spend some time with my friend Elena who I haven’t seen in forever. Last year I spent the fourth of July with her as well, so it could be a new tradition of sorts!

I am also contemplating seeing Jurassic World in 3D over the weekend. Or maybe just seeing it a second time at least. Who knows what the future holds….that’s what makes it awesome…and terrifying.


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