In a World of My Own

I love internal conversations… they are the best. Last night the voices in my head started back up (when I say voices, I mean my imagination finally dusted off the cobwebs with conversations between characters and potential story-lines).

It has been a very long time since I have had a good daydream or even a dream! It’s been extremely weird having nothing but silence in my own head. Especially when I am used to some kind of story-line going on in the background about 80% of the time. Usually it gets to the point where I have to block it out to get things done.

Maybe this means I will finally be able to write some more. This morning as I drove to work, the conversation going on between two of my characters wasn’t as loud as it was last night, but hey…baby steps, right? It has been a very long time since I have worked on my story. I have actually missed hearing my characters voices/thoughts/actions going on in the background of my brain.

Damn you Gregory!!

Gregory is what I call my writer’s block. He sits on my brain just behind my right ear.

Now I will attempt to work on my story. I know I need to work on it every day even if Gregory starts being a jerk. If nothing more than to give me some peace. Writing is both relaxing and aggravating at the same time.


There is something about losing yourself into the fictional world. It could be in reading, movies/shows, daydreaming or writing. Give me a fictional world to dive into and leave reality behind if only for a moment. Give me exciting adventures in different worlds. Give me dinosaurs. Give me the strength to face reality head on day after day.

Time to write.


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