Another Day

I have one of those nagging feelings in the back of my skull that I am missing something… Worst. Feeling. Ever. It makes my left eye twitch.

Do you ever wonder how you would react if you where the last person alive? I go back and forth. Most times I imagine being surrounded by books and I just kind of nod and think: yup, this is paradise. And other times there are no books around and I think: now what? Because more than likely there won’t be electricity…meaning no Netflix (even thinking about that makes my heart freak out in sadness).

I had to make a few phone calls today, so I actually feel pretty freaking accomplished. I hate talking on the phone. I hate people who love talking on the phone. It’s awkward and pointless. Okay, it’s not pointless if you actually have something to say, which most of the time I don’t. It’s worse when the person on the other end is awkward too. Then it is two silent people muttering a lot of “uh” and “ums” while staring blanking in front of you trying to find something to say before you shout out “how about that game last night.” And then you slap your forehead in disappointment.


My brain feels fried. I blame Thursday.

Can I make it until August? I just have to make it until my sister’s birthday. Then I will be heading to the devil state and going camping. My dad is coming too. Being retired has its perks. There will be lots of hiking since her kids will be with their dad. Though I am sure Dad wants to wait until Thursday to drive up instead of after I get out of work on Wednesday, but oh well. That is why they made flashlights…to put up tents in the dark.

I just realized how all over the place my brain is today. No wonder I feel like I am forgetting something important. It probably ran away in terror at the moving maze that is happening inside my head at the moment.

Oh look. Shiny object.


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