Yes and No

Is there such a thing as too much camping? Probably….but right now I don’t care. I have the camping bug. Last week as I was looking at campsites at Indian Boundary Campground for next month, my sister texted me and invited me camping in the devil state (Virginia) for her birthday next month. So Dad and I will be going up to Blue Ridge Parkway next month for a long weekend of camping (I took two days off).

campuingBut still…I want to go camping at Indian Boundary again. It’s open until (I believe) the end of October, so I have plenty of time. And once school goes back the campsites there won’t be as packed, except on long weekends. So here is the question. Do I go camping in the devil state one weekend and the following weekend go camping again? Or spread it out a little? My friend’s birthday is the 23rd, but she will be in Chicago that weekend for a con. So I could go that weekend without feeling bad about missing her birthday…probably for the second time. I’ll have to think of a good way to celebrate her birthday for her, because I suck at birthdays. I can never think of anything good enough to give someone, so I end up procrastinating and then falling back on…hey, let me take you out to dinner….

I don’t think I could ever get sick of camping. There is something wonderful about sleeping in a tent in the mountains. It’s peaceful. Just you and your thoughts, alone in the dark.

Yup, I will definitely have to pick a weekend to go camping again after I get back from the devil state.


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