Brewing Storm

Working in insurance has ruined my love of a good storm. Normally, I would be basking in the thunder and rain. It would make me want to sit in a dark room with the movie Twister on as I watched the trees outside dance in the downpour. Now there is an anxious feeling seated deep in my gut. It twists into dread as I hear words like “hail” and “tornadoes.” Okay, if I was honest, I always had some dread and anxiety when those words were thrown around, but this is work related dread. Insurance agencies and companies have the memories of the hail storms that happened here in 2011 fresh in their minds.

But there is something about watching Twister during a storm. Hearing the rain pound down on the roof of my office makes me want to just curl up in pajamas and surround myself with blankets as I zone out to the TV (or dive into a new book). I remember when I lived in Johnson City for college there was a tornado warning. As ETSU’s warning blared on campus, I sat in my dark living room watching Twister. I lived right by the railroad track. It was on this hill behind my apartment. As the movie ran in the background, a train began to pass. I remember getting up and itching to look out the window. The alarm had just sounded from campus and I couldn’t help myself from opening the front door and looking outside. It was a train and not a tornado thankfully. Sometimes I worry about how my brain works. I knew I shouldn’t open the door during a threat of tornado, yet I do it anyway.twisterWho am I kidding? Nothing could ruin my love of a good storm. There is something comforting about thunder booming in the background of rain falling on roofs. It makes me want to be a more open person. A person that can dance in the rain without thinking of how uncomfortable soggy clothes are. What is it about dark skies and rain that speaks to my soul? Give me a rainy afternoon over a hot sunny day.

I may have to fall asleep to Twister tonight. Since it is Tuesday night at my friend’s house, I won’t be able to watch it after work so the next best thing is falling asleep to it. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t leave the house all week except for work. That’s what makes Tuesday night so special. It keeps me social and away from doing nothing but watching Netflix and random movies throughout the week. Well, one of the reason why Tuesday nights are so special. The real reason is that they saved me a few years ago.

The rain has stopped already. Why does that make me a little sad?


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