No Idea

You know you are slightly obsessed when you dream about having a conversation with some random person about why Supernatural is awesome. I haven’t watched Supernatural in a little bit, so that kind of threw me for a loop this morning when I woke up to my cat stepping on me. I blame SDCC. If I was a different person who could handle being in large crowds, I would have loved to go to the Supernatural panel. Even though I get anxious and dread large gatherings like that, I still want to go one day. I’m sure if I ever do go I would be seen as bored and not have a good time. I haven’t dreamed (or remembered a dream) in about a week, maybe?

Is it the weekend yet? I really want to go to the drive-in. I don’t really care if I see the new minion movie or not, but since it is $7 for both that and Tomorrowland, which I want to see, how can I pass? Is it sad I am already planning my Friday night? If I don’t go to the drive-in that night I will be eating junk food, drinking beer, and watching whatever happens to be on Netflix. If I do go out Friday night….that will be weird. Or I could go Saturday night after a potential photo shoot. My friend is doing a princess theme photo shoot sometime Saturday. She needs a guy to dress up as a prince. I’m like, I could dress up as a dwarf. So, we’ll see how that goes. But possibly afterward we’ll go to the drive-in. Only time will tell. That is the bad thing about not being sure if you are doing what you want to do Saturday. Because if you knew for sure you weren’t, you could definitely go Friday night and it would all work out.

Seriously though, is it the weekend yet? This week so far has been weird. It has been stressful busy, but the good kind of stressful busy where I don’t feel like crawling underneath my desk and crying. Granted, I have been even more exhausted at the end of the phone from the amount of phone calls I have been receiving and having to make. It is exhausting business smiling and making jokes. But rewarding…. Since I have been attempting to be less stoic and more animated when asking questions and discussing prospective business with my co-workers. It seems to be working. Although I still have my moments when I am thinking and it looks like I have no idea what is going on.

One day at a time, right? Just have to get through two more work days.


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