Daily Struggle

There is way too much to do and I just want to sit around re-watching Parks and Recreation. I definitely need a distraction. While I am work, I have work to distract me (too much right now for my liking).

I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Between Nelson wanting to sleep on my face and then him attacking me when I worked out this morning, I am just over this day. What is it about Thursday’s now? They used to be my favorite days. In some way, they still are. Thursday’s bring the anticipation of the upcoming weekend.

Today is like working on the computer with no internet.

no idea
I seriously have no idea what I am doing lately. Actually, I’m quite sure I have never known what I am doing. Thank you Thursday for making it home for my today. At least I feel like I am doing it really well. That’s what being an “adult” is, right?

 I need an escape.

Not too much longer of this work day to get through. I can make it. Tomorrow is Friday. That is my mantra. And I may be going to the drive-in tomorrow night. Or maybe I’ll just skip it and be a hermit? Seriously, brain? Why is it a constant struggle between wanting to stay in and wanting to go out? I am tired of struggling on a daily basis. It makes me just want to nap.


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