The Search for Happiness

1. Making comparisons can spoil your happiness.

2. A lot of people think happiness means being richer or more important.

3. Many people only see happiness in their future.

4. Happiness could be the freedom to love more than one woman at the same time.

5. Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.

6. Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness.

7. Does this person bring you predominantly a. up b. down?

8. Happiness is answering your calling.

9. Happiness is being loved for who you are.

10. Sweet Potato Stew!

11. Fear is an impediment to happiness.

12. Happiness is feeling completely alive.

13. Happiness is knowing how to celebrate.

14. Listening is loving.

15. Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

Hector and the Search for Happiness

If you cannot tell, I have just finished watching Hector and the Search for Happiness. And if you haven’t watched it, you need to watch it. And damned if it didn’t hit me hard in the feels this afternoon.


Fuck if this movie doesn’t make take a hard look at yourself.

We should concern ourselves, not so much with the pursuit of happiness, but with the happiness of pursuit.

This movie is a good reminder to be thankful for what you have. Because let’s face it, it could be a lot worse. Especially for me. Just six months ago I was in a horrible place. And although I still have my downs, I have a lot more ups. Whenever the downs hit, I have to remind myself that it’s the downs in life that makes me stronger. I am not broke, not broken.

This weekend has been wonderful. It wasn’t until last night that my brain started getting in the way without outside distractions. I have to stop dwelling on the what if’s and the stress of potential happenings at work. I cannot control the future. I cannot control what will happen tomorrow. All I can do is make the best of today. This movie was a good reminder of that.

I know why I feel weird right now. I haven’t eaten anything but junk food all day (joys of being an adult)! Time to go make me some dinner.



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