Round Three: Always Keep Fighting


This is Jared Padalecki’s third round of Always Keep Fighting. I told myself I wouldn’t be buying anything I didn’t need and then I saw a post yesterday about this new shirt. And of course I just ordered another two shirts. Do I regret it? No. This time next month I shall be rocking out new shirts and supporting a great cause. It’s a win-win.

I am amazed at the love and support everyone is showing Jared Padalecki. It is heartwarming. Whenever something terrible happens and I have to remind myself not everything in life is bad, I will read articles about Jared opening up about his own battles and I find the strength to carry on. I am not alone in the struggle. No one is alone in their struggle. The support is outstanding. Supernatural is a family. And surprisingly enough, they have opened their arms and their hearts to their fans and their fans have done the same for them. How wonderful is that?

I needed this reminder.

Just in time for a round of Monday versus Laura. Better luck next time, Monday. I am going to make it through no matter what you toss my way!


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