I’m Channelling Dean Winchester

It’s Wednesday and I am going to get pie tonight.


AsĀ five creeps and crawls closer and closer, the more excited I get. I am getting my oil changed for the first time in my car! I am even more excited I was able to make it to my first oil change without something horrible happening, like someone stealing it…again. After I get my oil changed, I will be going to O’Charley’s for dinner with my brother. I think this will be the first time we have ever gone and got food just the two of us. It’s exciting. Almost exciting as it being almost quitting time.

Wednesday is a tease. It’s just half-way through the middle of the week. Two days down with two more to go. It’s the day that teases you into thinking that you made it this far and you can continue to make it. Suddenly you wake up and it’s Thursday, a day that pretends to be Friday. Until finally, it is actually Friday.

Can you tell I need to eat some pie? I am talking crazy! I blame my cat. As I tried to go to sleep last night, he bit my back and attacked my arm….the jerk.

This afternoon actually flew by. It’s been a Goldilocks afternoon. Just right. Which I am thankful for. It wasn’t crazy busy, but just busy enough to make it interesting. That means I can really enjoy my night tonight, hopefully without my mind still being at work. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…


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