Angriest Man

I think, whoever/whatever you want to call it: something/someone is trying to tell my best friend I and something. Today we both were desperately needing a night to ourselves. Thankfully, we both were able to get one. We both decided to get comfort food, take a bath, and watch movies. I ate an entire pizza. She made, if I remember correctly, chicken nachos (or something like that. I have a horrible memory). I watched Angriest Man in Brooklyn, she watched With this Ring (which I am told I need to watch). In my movie, Mila Kunis’s character declared: “I would try and figure out how to be happy.” After I told this to Jess, within five minutes she told me Regina Hall’s character just said: “I’m so tired of waiting to be happy,”

Someone is trying to tell us something.

Listen universe, I hear you okay! But, come on! I am still recovering from Hector and the Search for Happiness! Why in the world did I pick tonight to watch this movie? It has been sitting in my list since it came on Netflix! What made me stop and say, okay, let’s watch it tonight! Is it because Pixels came out today and since I am not seeing Peter Dinklage with a mullet and anything with him in it is better than a movie without him? Could be? Then why didn’t I put in Penelope. Or re-watch season one of Games of Thrones? Why did I have to pick this movie to watch? I could keep asking myself this, but it won’t change the fact that I did watch this movie and it simultaneously broke my heart and made me happy.

Fuck you Inside Out and your awesome characters that now I just see colored balls rolling around in my brain. Ooh! new emotions. This will be blue and yellow mixed in with a little bit of red…thanks…

So what do I do, turn Netflix off because enough is enough. I ordered Overnight Delivery last weekend off Amazon because I have been wanting to watch that movie for years and thanks to the movie rental businesses getting closed, I cannot just go to a video store and rent it. And since it is an older movie, it is harder to find. Well, it arrived the other day and I am going to watch that. Because at least with this, I know what is coming (for the most part, its been around eight or so years since I watched it).

Seriously, if you watch Angriest Man in Brooklyn, just beware. Robin Williams character at the end of the movie tells his son: “1951 dash 2014. I never knew till now it’s not the dates that matter, it’s the dash.” Fuck…if that doesn’t stab you right in the feels, then you need to go on IMDB and type in Robin Williams and remind yourself of the his dates that surround the dash.

I am going to watch a lighthearted comedy because seriously, I cannot take my mind right now. Tonight was supposed to be relaxing and wonderful. A night in with food and TV. Ah! That is where I went wrong. I should have just stuck with Merlin, but instead I took a bath and after started scrolling through my list on Netflix for movies I haven’t seen. It’s my own fucking fault.

Lighthearted comedies. That is what is in my future.

At least for tonight.


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