Working for the Weekend

Is this day ever going to end?

Ever since I got back from lunch, time has just moved so slowly. Fantastic. It’s because I am so very excited about my plans tonight. My plans to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is going to be wonderful. Actually, I may stop at the store and pick up cookies because dammit I deserve cookies.

wpid-screenshot_2015-07-24-13-55-28.pngI already know I can get a little bit obsessive. I have a Fitbit and a friend has been challenging me to something called “Workweek Hustle.” I have won three weeks in a row currently. And unless he gets about 30 thousand more steps and I do absolutely nothing, I will win this week too. I would say my competitive streak is rearing its ugly head, but he has won on the weekend challenge these past two weekends. I’m not so sure about this weekend since I will be going to Dollywood tomorrow and I am debating on whether or not to go hiking Sunday. Either way, I am still going to get in at least 10 thousand steps a day.¬†I have not been under 10 thousand since the end of June. Getting that many steps at first was hard, but after getting used to it, it’s become¬†second nature.

I could take a long nap. It’s been a long day. I get into work and my co-worker says I should be attached to a pole… Then proceeds to laugh and tell me how my outfit it cute, but I look like a stripper. Not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but I’m going to take it as one. I asked my friends and they were like, what? Guess I only look like a stripper to that one co-worker. It’s probably the shoes…she hates these shoes.

All I can think about is getting some sugar cookies. Any and all sugar cookies and eating them all tonight. I deserve all the sugar cookies, don’t I? I just need to find my patience and make it to 5 so I can stop at the store and pick up some cookies before heading home to spend an exciting Friday night home alone eating cookies.


Maybe I will make me some coffee… I think I need some caffeine to give me an extra boost to make it another hour or so…. I just need to make it until quitting time and then I can be an unsocial butterfly! That sounds like heaven. And since I will be surrounded by strangers tomorrow, standing in line for fifteen second rides, I need tonight. The escape from small talk and needless conversations. To be in a world of my choosing, either a good book or TV show.

It is going to be a wonderful night.


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