Around and Around We Go

I feel like I am stuck on a carousel horse that never stops and I can’t get off from. Granted, I’m sure getting off wouldn’t be a better alternative at this point. It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day. Except I am not living the say day over and over, but the same week with no end in sight. Maybe I just have the Monday blues?

My parents got back from hiking parts of the AT on Saturday. I didn’t get to see them until Sunday morning since I didn’t get home from Dollywood until after midnight. That was a long day. A fun day, but long. I am very glad I spend Friday night hermitting. So Sunday morning I discovered my Dad broke his foot the weekend before on the first day of hiking… Why did my parents not tell me? Because they didn’t want to worry/stress me out. Me? Worry? Okay, they had a point even though I don’t agree with it. Thankfully, he went to the doctor there and found out it was broken, otherwise he would have kept hiking. He finished the seven mile hike that Saturday. Five miles of that was on a broken foot. Three miles of that was on a broken foot and sprained ankle. He sprained the unbroken foot by favoring the broken one. My dad is a badass. But even though he is a badass…I worry and am crazy over-protective of my parents. I hope his foot heals quickly. For someone as active as my Dad, having a broken foot is going to be a nightmare.

I love days like yesterday. The entire day was spent with my parents. The three of us went to the movies and saw Trainwreck.parks Which was pretty great. I am sure I will buy that movie when it comes out. My Mom is a big fan of Amy Schumer. After the movie, we hung out around the house and spent the afternoon and evening watching Parks and Recreation. We finished season three and started season four. I have missed this show so much. And if you haven’t watched it, you need to.

I need to have positive thoughts today. Lots of positive thoughts to get me through this day and this week. I also need a nap. And to spend the day with nothing but Netflix and maybe yarn. That sounds like heaven.

Mondays are the worst for me.

Stop it. Remain positive!

I am positive Mondays are the worst.


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