Popcorn for Dinner

I love waking up and discovering half the week has already passed. To celebrate, I am going to Ant-Man after work with my Dad! Carmike’s $5.75 movie deal from about 4-6 is awesome. I have my popcorn bucket in the car ready to go! Ever since I found out Paul Rudd is playing Ant-Man, I have been waiting to watch this movie. Just a few more hours and then I will be in movie heaven!

Today we are celebrating a co-worker’s birthday. That means no hour escape into solitude for me, but eating with everyone and talking. And by talking, I mean listening to everyone else talk. I enjoy these birthday work lunches, but I also miss being able to watch Netflix on my phone or read a book.

I am counting down to camping next month. I need a little escape and getting away, even if to the worst state in existence, is just what I need. Hopefully, Dad will still be able to and want to come. After his bone doctor’s appointment this morning, he will know more about the healing time. My sister told me we could stay around the campsite playing games and drinking so Dad would still be able to come. That really made his day, I think, when I told him she said that.


Although camping is doing something, it is also extremely relaxing being in nature without life’s distractions. Between now and then, I have a growing number of plans which is cutting into my much-needed hermit time. Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy and doing things with my friends. I am the one who is making these plans, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need time to recharge. I have been wanting to go out and do things which take me out of my comfort zone and I am proud to say I am doing that. Which, now that I think about it, some of the things aren’t out of comfort zone at all, it’s just that I am actually going out and doing things instead of saying no and staying inside watching Netflix. Hey! That is a major step for me! And it has been a lot of fun, though now I am tired, but what else is new?

This weekend I am going to walk around Cades Cove the night after the full moon with friends. I have been wanting to do this again for years. The last time I attempted to walk it we started off way too late and ended up taking the short cut cause it was about three in the morning. It was insane. Never do a last-minute eleven mile hike when it’s already ten at night. Before the hike, I am going to be going to a friend’s yard sale and sell some of my things…what? I do not know. But it will be fun! Until then…I feel hermitting with Netflix after work. Except for tonight…tonight is movies with my Dad. My life is pretty great sometimes.


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